Video Games

Aqua Rally – PC 2019

Aqua Rally is a multiplayer boat racing game currently in Steam Early Access that I have been working to complete. The game will have eight tracks where players race while avoiding a gaunlet of obstacles and traps. The AI is programed to follow a invisible pacing object around the track and the multi-player functionality is programed with Photon API using the cloud server method.

Deep REM – in development Vive, Rift

Deep R.E.M is a multiplayer VR first person shooter. Players start out in a staging area where they select their cryo-frozen avatar before they’re immersed in fantastical environments to battle each-other along with monsters and AI bots. I’m working in collaboration off and on with a 3D artist and friend of mine with the project for the last three years.

Dynamite Fishing VR – in development Vive

Dynamite Fishing is a pet project I’m developing for the Vive. Players use explosives to hunt for fish that are programmed with the boyds flocking algorithm to school around randomly. So far there’s three levels, I’m working lately on an open ocean shark hunting level.

Dealey Plaza Paintball – PC, Vive, Rift 2017

Dealey Plaza Paintball is a VR game on Steam that I made for a client. The game is themed in a detailed imersive recreation of Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas, the site of the Kennedy assassination. The game was released during the 2012 election and was designed to be a sort of forum for political debate. Users with microphones can converse with other players in game and discuss conspiracy theories while playing a friendly round of paintball.

Tech Solutions – educational system 2016

Tech Solutions is a learning system that I built for a client to sell as a subscription to educational institutions. Teachers can log into the website and create interactive lessons that their students can quiz on. Schools pay a subscription to use the standalone software and choose from a catalog of lesson templates that are updated on a server via Unity asset packages.

Living Dead Girlfriend – mobile vr 2017

Living Dead Girlfriends is a mobile VR game that I put together for a friend of mine and his girlfriend’s zombie band. Its a zombie wave survival game that can be played in VR and standard modes.

Heavy Metal Derby – mobile 2013

Heavy Metal Derby was one of the first games that I made for older mobile phones. It’s a shoot-em-up demolition derby where players battle state machine driven AI bots. It was fun putting the game together and I learned a lot building it.